There are two many 2s in twoday’s date for me not two notice. You two?

If you just now had the wisp of a smile slide like a dainty thread ever so slightly over your lips to that corner of your mouth that betrays amusement or, perhaps, a waft of warm, sweetness…like a mall’s distant cinnabon scent…


if you had an instant of anything along some such pleasantries or enjoyables,   that was my intent. Soft amusement doesn’t need a lofty target. Thank goodness. Besides, we spend too much energy trying to figure out what ‘lofty’ is. I believe we’re lofty already, most of us without even realizing it.

And, I’m not concerned with numbers. Kindly don’t run off in that direction.

I do enjoy a touch of playfulness.

And, if this posting missed its mark with you, that’s on me.

Trust me. 

I will keep trying to find a way to connect with you.

That’s what love does.

I sincerely appreciate your patience and kindnesses.

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