can we be real-real for a moment?                             Can we admit to one another . . . . . . soul […]
We tend to take any statement that begins with the phrase, “I have reason to believe . . .”to be […]
     I don’t think we need to be noticed in order to be nice.      I don’t think we need to be […]
As you may have guessed,  I have been asked about being humble. Honestly (and humbly?), I do not understand the […]
“Jesus!!” I mean, sorry “but for christ’s sake!? We, you and me, wanted a fulfilling human experience and, instead,we’ve chosen to […]
     You and me, we’re always in motion. Yet, here’s the truth: we slow down for the things we love. In […]
     There is no supply issue with grace. It’s instantly available, anywhere and at anytime,         upon a sincere request (which could […]