disclaimer: the friend referenced in this post has been the one insisting I post it. Go figure. Here goes:      I […]
Trying hard enough to falter is far different than trying hard not to falter. We’re supposed to make mistakes. That […]
When we ‘master’ a skill set,               we do not conquer it, or subdue it,                         or never have to pay attention […]
There is no hardship                                      or disappointment when I don’t know what to expect ……………….. I had to learn that when […]
A doddering old fool sits in the waft of his own wind (he hopes only) while his heart sings halleluiah […]
I’ve been sent my share of links to videos showing elaborate arrangements of small tiles (dominos, many times) and other […]
the New World                    built around the old ideas becomes the Old World rapidly enough We act surprised . . . […]
On what basis have we humans decided that our range of sensations is the basis of reality? We have been […]
First of all,                   if someone is genuinely,  and I mean genuinely,                   living into kindness . . .                                               . . . […]
As suggested by the title, this is not a trick question. Not that I’m above being playful. However, simply being […]