This reading is for denture wearers everywhere. You know who you are.

You’re smiling. (“Good on ya now” as the emerald islanders might express it.)

Anyways, I was wanting to tell you that a certain manufacturer of a certain adhesive type material used for securing said smile, well, they have put out a “new and improved” product. This one is guaranteed to “hold” for up to 12 full (not half) hours.

Good news, right?

Who knows…anymore?

Personally, and I may be being influenced by the wrong algorithms, I mean, the clickbait world, but I wonder if anyone else has started wondering how a 12-hour hold, while technically ‘new’ can be considered much of an improvement over the old hold, which was up to 24 hours? 

Just who am I to trust anymore, 

if not the profit-driven machinations of big business?

p.s.   mars bars anyone? The squeeze is on.

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