I would like to suggest that we consider that no one facet of our humanity ever dominates our other facets when we are being true within ourselves.

I suggest that no part of my humanity is bad or wrong or impure or rotten

Nor is any aspect of my humanity in competition with the others

How would I know that?

I can’t.

That’s the point of not being able to explain something exactly, or even closely, as to how it really feels “all at once”.

I can truly state that when I am not in conflict with myself

I am in harmony with myself…I am not at all passive or stationary …I am more nimble, more fluid, more connected, more grounded in a very groundless way…

and I don’t know how that happens…

It’s undeniable as a feeling, however.

I suggest that there’s a blending of our energies that coalesce into a moment of awareness followed by a choice or a deliberation which, then, moves us to take (or not take) certain actions. The dominant energy within our swirl is what we are bringing to that moment. We cannot plan or predict when the moment(s) of connection within ourselves and/or with anyone else will emerge in full frontal apparentness.

For myself, that’s the only purpose I have in remaining mindful of the love all around me and within me…I never know when the chance to share it will come along…

it’s all I really want to share.

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    Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

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