I have walked with hundreds of people into and through their baffling, difficult, and demoralizing life situations. When they come out the other side, it is with authentic and sustainable changes—in short, real growth. Each time I have the privilege of participating in someone’s growth process, I grow too. It’s always humbling and gratifying to learn, to stretch, to expand and to connect. I wrote Owning Ourselves: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Western Mind in an attempt to distill some of those learnings into a form that offers more people an opportunity to find a path to their fullest self.

I don’t consider myself particularly interesting.

I definitely know I’m not special.

What I am, however, is exceptionally happy.

I would love for you to be too.


a.charles resides quietly in North Carolina with two cats, two dogs, and his best friend Angela, who was kind enough to marry him.