“I’d like to get this over with, once and for all.”

Have you ever said that to someone about something? You could’ve said it to a stranger or a close personal someone…it could have been in regards to an important, or vital, or deep issue…or on a point so minor that it hardly needs mention…you could have said it jokingly, flippantly, frustratedly, ‘serious as all get out’-edly…



I have a high probability factor with me, a strong limb to go on to, as I state:

      We’ve all said this.                          (or something quite similar, ok?)

So, the question I have for us is:

       Has anyone been able to actually do that?

I know that I’ve tried

And it doesn’t seem to work.

Nothing ever is really over

                     Certainly not even once

Certainly not for all

                                                    (and I can’t even type “full stop” here)

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