I have never

                    nor would I ever

ask, command, or suggest

that any person personally judge, attack, condemn, and/or

in any way or on any level intentionally harm or kill any other person.

Under the banner and in the name of love, such choices are glorified and rationalized by those committing them.

From the spirit of love, such choices are unthinkable.

                  Don’t shop around and ask everyone else how they feel about this

In order to decide how you truly feel . . .

Ask yourself,

if another person doesn’t believe what you believe, 

what form of love allows us to dehumanize them?

. . . right before we tell ourselves it’s okay to kill them?

And let’s be honest enough to be honest with ourselves.

It’s important to be honest.

No one’s mad.

We’re all just kinda sad.

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