The norms of the Office were formed by men of character. Even if an elected President was somewhat deficient in […]
“You know, we wouldn’t need laws if people just did the right thing.” There are so many laws addressing and […]
Along the wall of the big room, there is a fireplace. It’s smallish, as opening such as these go, no […]
Reminder to the Warrior: There is no joy in destruction. There is no solace or comfort in revenge. There is […]
Most social conversations involve some form Racing to the next moment to be there first to be there the funniest […]
The idea of impermanence is actually inconceivable to the infinite in us. Being hindered by, or captured by, or limited […]
Let’s continue being honest together and acknowledge that none of us really have enough tick-tock clock time in a day […]
I don’t have to tell you—and still, I want to be clear—there are some very imaginative people in the world […]
Every day, I write, filling many bits of paper and memo pads with my thoughts on a variety of topics. […]
I have discovered, much to my cosmic delight, that being fall-ible… you know, making mistakes, not being perfect ever, AKA, […]