Simple, right? Let into your lungs what your mind doesn’t even know it needs . . .

. . . Let out what was too much . . . so that it can be used elsewhere . . . repeat as directed . . . involuntarily.

Remind yourself, however, that we are all buddy breathing with everyone around us. Covid was and is a starker reminder. The climate is another.

Our challenge is to accept and move towards this, our truth:

When we share, there is always enough.

When we grab and hoard, there will never be enough.

This truth applies across the spectrum of our lives.

we seem to have forgotten

or misremembered

or were led in error

     honestly, it does not matter how we got here. We’re here. Now:

You choose.                                                                            or waffle

You decide.                                                                             or hide

How do you want to live?

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