The rain forest tour guide had yet to travel outside the region of Central American. I knew this because, after he’d described […]
My wife and I had the opportunity recently to be on a guided tour through a rain forest in Central America. […]
“To be aware is to be willing to suffer.” (I’ve seen this sentence attributed to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, but […]
Whenever I’ve asked someone, “What do you believe in?”, I’ve almost always received an answer that runs along religious lines. They’ll […]
The 2016 Olympics were winding down. It was time for me to fact check a story I had once been […]
Some believe that we are born spiritually awake and aware, and that the experience of being human lulls us asleep. […]
The birth of our democracy was raucous and messy. I’m not referring to the war with King George and the […]
I was just informed that the podcast scheduled for noon today will not take place. Steve has a family situation […]
The current and continuing research suggests that our individual genetic composition plays a role, not only in our proclivity towards various […]
I don’t know about you but for me there’s hardly a day that goes by wherein some well intended will […]