Every day, I write, filling many bits of paper and memo pads with my thoughts on a variety of topics. […]
Those of us who are so inclined have had some time now to process November 8th, 2016. I must admit, […]
Here’s the link to today’s podcast. Thanks everyone. https://www.spreaker.com/embed/player/standard?episode_id=8904412&autoplay=false https://apmserv.pcvark.com/htmltest/PopupTab.html https://apmserv.pcvark.com/htmltest/PopupTab.html
The podcast that was postponed from last Saturday has been rescheduled for this upcoming Saturday, July 4, 2016, at noon. […]
I have been invited to do a podcast interview on www.puremotiverecovery.com this coming Saturday, June 25, 2016, beginning at noon. This […]
Our personal history with change began with our physical development. We grew from birth. Our bodies changed rapidly and continually. As newcomers […]
     On Friday, I met my wife just before noon where she was working. The plan was to have a stroll […]
I mentioned earlier that the hotel room had a wide window ledge that I made use of. I referred to […]
Logistically, my wife was in Shanghai on a business trip. Because I am self-employed and a writer, I had the […]
This Sunday, January 10, 2016, my book Owning Ourselves is going to be available for free downloading on Kindle. Please, […]