Caveat Emptor—Let the buyer sheep be fleeced.
Build a better mousetrap
and people will beat a pathway to the door…
To get it—and we “get it” (it’s a FOMO promo thing just so that they don’t feel left out). It’s called marketing—lying, spinning, hiding the flaws. That’s how.
Removed and remote and left out… that’s how so many of the old economies mainstay supporters feel today.
That Big Businesses and their Big Bosses with their fat contracts, cushy compensation incentives, and golden handcuffs complete with parachutes and poison pills for the ultimate “oh no you won’t” middle-fingered salute to the unethical, cold, bottom-line bottom feeders of the algorithm’s new-age thieves—pirates of the new electronic oceans of data and waves of momentum we now see headed to crash on all of democracy’s doors.
Donald the Ronald clown escaped from the McD’s playland and is running around the skies dropping propaganda bombs with his lies surrounding his biggest Whopper, the Big Stealer, the flame broiler moving horizontally conveyor belt of the premeditated and prepackaged in zip-locked files and baggy pants looking for dirt on everyone else’s clothes as he lies through his teeth and looks down his snotty snooty tasteless, classless path they chose.
Follow your nose to their stink. It’s as bad as you think.

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