In a recent blog, Center of the Universe, I ended with a line that has brought a few readers to ask a similar question. The line began; “Being centered in the universe…” and I’ve been asked to explain more specifically what that might mean or what that might look like.

I’ll begin with an example of what I consider to be a ‘truth’:

LIFE, itself, wants to continue. It, LIFE, has encoded all of its manifestations and varieties with the same DNA imperative, namely, make more copies of yourself…make as many as you can…don’t worry about making too many…if you need to cooperate with or utilize other forms of life to make more of you possible, go right ahead. I’ve told them the same thing with regards to you. LIFE doesn’t care which version of itself survives. Cockroach, fern, ameba, virus, or mammal…LIFE in some form or fashion is intent–dedicated–obsessed with its continuation.

I’m not really able to speak for any of the other multitudes of life forms but, as for us humans, it’s quite apparent that we take this personally. We absolutely believe that our form of life, above and before all others, should and must be the form that survives. If any form, then us. If any of us, then me.

Life, itself, if it considers our point of view at all, might think this rather ‘cute but would be fully prepared, perhaps with an epidemic or an alien invasion, to see us off without a tear.

That’s just LIFE. Survival of something is the name of its game. We have falsely flattered ourselves when we labeled ourselves as the most important or pinnacle life form. As the life form constructing the friggin chart, who’d you think we’d put at the top?

“Being centered in the universe’ means that I accept this truth about life’s impartiality without objection. It means that I align my actions and my attitudes with the understanding that I am an equal among life’s many variations and not the one in charge. I live respectfully but not fearfully. My death is certain and life is a gift.

As a result, I do not consider myself a victim. If I get sick or in an accident, I’m not being singled out. It’s not happening TO me, it’s simply happening. I can deal with the pain. It’s the suffering I feel when I tell myself that this should not have happened that really damages me.

So, when I am centered in the universe, I know I have a place. I belong. I have a part. I have lots and lots of choices everyday but I do not entertain any illusions about having control. There is far more involved in the processes of my own body and the swirlings of solar systems than I will ever comprehend or command.

When I take the weight of running the known universe off of my shoulders, I am not being irresponsible. I’m only being honest.

I am being centered.

Hope this was helpful.



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  1. Enormously helpful! Understanding and appreciating the difference between “Being centered in the universe” and being “the center of the universe” is a very “opening” perspective. I have a part, lots of choices to make but when I know I am not in control…that opens a huge amount of space for me to…what…grow in???
    Can you answer that in you next blog??

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