Challenging authoritarianism, that impulse within each of us that tempts us to “take over” a situation because we think we know “what’s best,” is most often perceived, by the authoritaians, as a death threat.

The far right wants to tear down or blow up the “rule of law” because they view laws and regulations as a restriction on their personal freedoms. When they can’t use force, they lobby to change the law.

Seatbelts, helmets, air quality standards… you name it… the common good is seen only as something to pay lip service to so that their own self-centered aims can be disguised.

Political affiliations do not distinguish between the motives or intentions of their membership. They only care for the benefits of their membership. They only care for the benefits or resources that are being contributed. If you’re useful, we will let you in. If you don’t, why would we?

Transactional dynamics seem to foster a win/lose mentality or approach to everything.

Laws are like the current rules of the game they’re playing. And, right there, is the essential disconnect.

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