I wouldn’t say that I was ever awkward socially. 

Unrefined doesn’t count as awkward, right? And ‘refined’ is a culturally determined norm . . . so I’ve got some room to wiggle with this one.

Anyway, I did want to pass on this . . .

I used to use the cliché: rule of thumb. Then I looked it up, and now . . . well, I don’t.

I’m no fan of rules when it comes to spiritual practices and as for my thumb?

I do have some personal reminders though . . .

For example: 

     When I’m in a conversation, I try to remember that when my level of sincerity and understanding exceeds your level of interest, I stop talking. 

I’m acutely aware of how many of you had wished I had learned that sooner.

I’m laughing too.

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