At a certain level of organizational complexity, consciousness emerges.

As one arrangement of particulars is coming together, another is coming apart.

There is no change in the entirety of the “energy.” It is merely transformed by the infinite possible arrangements into these particular exchanges. These exchanges are all energy. Energy IS.

I am never not energy. I manifest as my particulars interact with other particulars. All of this happens at speeds that do not involve our consciousness, our direction, or even our awareness.

Those last 3 items are emergent phenom from the complexity of interactions. It is a human-centric consciousness, self-will (self-centered), and barely aware that it is aware and lives in complete and total wonder… until wonder seems to be an unreliable means of self-protection.

And more learning… but we were more learning what to be avoiding than what we were to be seeking. In learning, there’s a push/pull dynamic at certain moments. And then there’s a spin at others…

The only possible way for us to process this is to introduce time (sequence) and a shared sensory experience. When we describe something, it is our brain’s way of making it real – first to itself and then somehow to another brain. We link realities, sensations, thoughts, feelings, believe in them and this.

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