I am not the sort who usually asks about these sorts of gossipy bits or the rumor mill stuffs about the rumors…


I gotta ask,

has anyone heard these wild whisperings?…

…that it’s OK to extend and accept love without knowing the reason first?…and
…I’ve even heard…that some believe that we’d been stuck trying to answer a question that love never asks and avoiding learning to answer the only question love really asks. We’ve been focused mainly on the who to love and hardly giving anything other than token attention on the how to love.??!!!


Now, I did warn you that these were some wild whisperings. I can’t hardly believe them myself. 


And, besides, I don’t see any reason to think that there’s any real reason to believe. And that’s where my mind draws a blank and I have to look to my heart for guidance, to seek and turn towards the love…

That’s because it is beyond reason…love is always beyond our ability to explain.

You know that through your own experiences with your own genuine love.

Your reasoning won’t allow you to accept what it cannot explain. It’s a sticking point of sorts…the dead end of our thinking…and our growth…as we cling to it.

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