Dearest You,

It’s probably been a long time since last you received a personal letter with an opening no less.

Have you ever been a  passenger, back seat or otherwise, in your own car? Maybe your partner or spouse is driving (or adult child) or someone you “love” & “trust,” and the circumstances that brought this into reality were neither a bodily emergency, an emotional confrontation (although this situation itself may provide the possibility that a fresh opportunity to engage in a quarrel could easily & rapidly develop), or a crime in progress…you’re not being kidnapped or held at finger point.

I’m painting you a picture.

I want it to be both familiar and non-threatening.

It may be a situation that you immediately & I mean, immediately, recoil from even wanting to imagine, picture, envision this situation… and I would ask you to notice that – if that’s what you felt or what “happened” within your world… which is to say… the world that is within your awareness.

Your world – my world – is “contained” by my awareness. I have a “limit” of sorts. I can grow and expand my limits – in any direction at any time to any extent I want or feel if it’s good for me – with the other limit.

Look around and include someone(s) nearby who’s also wanting to expand in that general direction.

It’ll help you both in unexpected ways…


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