Dreamer types dream of life and dreamily float the idea to the rest of us that life itself is but a dream. How dreamy.

Let’s go with that, for the sake of this posting at least, and look at that statement:

                                                “Life is a dream.”

That’s life from start to finish…all dreaming…from our first sound (cry out, anyone?) to our last exhale…

Let’s assume that we’re all experiencing or existing as phantoms of some sort in the subliminal and subconscious energies of a sleeping something…

That “something”, which we can know absolutely nothing about…not even its name, its shape, its limits, its abilities…nuttin…we know nuttin…anyways…

First, can we take a moment to acknowledge that’s one heckuva dreamer…to have dreamed up all of this and us…continually…The origin dreamer…

Then we have more questions…even as we are part of the dream…

— are we stuck merely watching?

— are we supposed to know what we’re doing…what’s our role in this dream?

— do we have any agency within our own dream realm (in this dream, we experience dreaming…or are we dreaming the dreaming that’s dreaming the dreamer?)

— do we only exist in the dream…I accept for now that we’re in one now…however…did it have a pre-dream beginning?

— do we only exist in one dream?…does it repeat over and over, like Bill Murray’s character in the film, Groundhog Day?…is that an aspect of every dream?

Apparently, whether life is a dream or not, the types of questions or seekings we have, don’t really change all that much. Dream on…dream happier…

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