Life and death are in a spin, a cycle,       

…the cycle is clear…                                            it’s natural

the timing of any entrance and every departure is variable and unpredictable…there are far too many factors involved which are in their own processes with their own scopes, scales, and timings. In a sense, life and death are a bonded pair of events. Neither exists without the other.

Hold on you say, as you go on, I understand that death wouldn’t be possible (or necessary) if life didn’t exist…but life would still be life, even without death…

To which I’d point out that life without death is what we would call an eternity.

And the Eternal is: without the need of time. 

Time, itself, is an arbitrary specific point labeled by begin/stop (italics or parenthesis) in an endless swirl that blends them both without distinction. Time and space emerge with the physicality of the body. There’s no escaping that truth. Time and space do not exist without us…all of our collective ways of keeping time in the front of mind (paying attention to the time, focusing on the time) and measuring space (where am I in relationship to what is around me.)

Even so, if we could maintain our present configuration endlessly functioning at peak performance level eternally, we, life, would be eternally hanging out with whatever else or whomever else hangs out in eternity. That’s a fact. That’s if we couldn’t get deaded. Get goned-girled. 

I propose, we might be so bold, as to suppose, just suppose, since we want to be living forever and we be hanging out so long together and all, that maybe we might could try…like, not to have to wait forever…so like, right now…like, maybe we could try to move closer in trust and love and get to truly know one another…you know, since we could nuttin but all this now, with no time to lose…

Another factor we might/could consider about us being eternal, 

‘now’ is the only sense of time in eternity. Which ain’t much, believe me.

Something is always happening…in the now…   the past and the future are ‘places’ in time…and, remember, that time doesn’t exist in the eternal…

Ask yourself a practical human question: If eternity is timeless…what is a clock’s purpose in a timeless realm?

Fortunately for us, Eternity is not human clock time ticking tock time—strung out endlessly. That’s a mistaken visual that we enjoy fantasizing about…nope…

Eternity is not sequential. Eternity is immediate…everlasting…complete…and doing its thing no matter what our latest thinking about it is.

This posting is a simple start at looking closer to the human sentiment, “I wish I could live forever.”   Ever make that wish?

I want to continue taking a look at some of the aspects of our common human experiences in life more closely with you…

if you want to read more…it’s your choice 

and no one is mad or disappointed…

love will find its way to you…

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