Joseph Heller honestly observed a truism that captures an element of the human experience. He entitled his book Catch-22. I hope it’s familiar to some.

At the risk of paraphrasing poorly and appropriating unintentionally (and perhaps merrily misunderstanding), here’s what it comes down to in our world:

“If you think you are crazy because everything seems crazy around you, you’re right, and that means you are sane. Now, get back in that war.”

And that’s as far as Joe took the matter. Understandable. He was attempting to communicate the absurdity of a horrific chapter of his life’s experiences.

Unfortunately for us, and we all know this, pointing out the problem is most often an easy thing to do and, yet, it is where most of us spend all of our energies.

Stuck in the problem.

Yet, the problem seems to be us trying to figure out which problem is exactly the problem.

And, yes, we’re wrapped around the axle of our own thinking again.

The solution can not be more thinking. (At least, I don’t think.)

I’m wondering if there are other non-rational options

that have been around for a long time,

that have never been understood

and never been crazy either . . .

love, for instance

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