Recently, more than a few cosmologists have been exploring the idea of the universe itself as an incomprehensible process of expansion and contraction interactions, most of which ‘occur’ outside of spacetime.

     I may or may not have summarized that accurately, in quantum terms, I may not have collapsed its truth sufficiently so that all of the inherent incongruities reach a threshold intensity and expand explosively into new understandings . . . of the older new understandings.

There’s a pattern

It’s revealed at every level of encountered existence

It’s the contraction expansion process

This is the heartbeat of the universe

It is life itself

PS  and now that I’ve mentioned heartbeats . . .

. . . the thump-thump within our chests is a syncopated rhythm,

and not the tic tic tic tic of a metronome’s beat

this suggests we’re in a dance

and not a forced march

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