Y’all gonna correct me as I wind myself astray (using these straight lines of type, go figure) into a field of technical misspeak and misunderstandings:

I’m going to attempt to express to you in computer-ish, semi-non-technical terms the outline of a crude analogy of our current and ongoing human condition/experience:

In general, as a computer, our bodies are hard wired just fine…not without variations of all sorts…but with enough commonality that cooperation is natural (not to mention replication…not duplication).

However, a lot of the loaded software (from birth to around three) has gotten buggy…it’s outdated software (programed systems of belief) and is still linked to a primitive hard-wired physicality…the two have developed incompatible codes.

And back to the software, it is more than glitchy these days…and the new awarenesses emerging these days, if acknowledged, would obliterate the old programs as surely as the concept of a globe obliterated the old lamb skin surface rough hand sewn map we all adored.

The wiping of the old corrupted files in ourselves, one by one, is therapy.

Reading self-help books is like trying to send patches of updated information into the already clogged system…they’re our wishful attempts at masking whatever is untrue in our programming…whatever original virus or infection or gradual degradation occurred deep within…which we try to root out with a systems analysis…and, wouldn’t you know it, that bug can be active undetected still or activated by a single errant line of thought…I mean, code

So, as one operator to another: What version operating system are you running? Has it ever been maintained? Or kept somewhat up-to-date with all or some or any of what’s changed or been developed since you adopted and adapted your original system?

Isn’t it worth considering upgrading ourselves more than our phones?

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