There are few who cry foul against their freedom

more stridently or continually or shamelessly

than the greedy who have been asked to share fairly.

Greed, by its very nature, doesn’t give, or, if it appears to be doing so, greedy little plans are already in place to grab for even more soon enough…

Money, control, attention, votes…whatever greed sets its wants on, narrows its focus more and more as greed hones in, and puts more and more effort and attention into getting more of the more of the more…

And, of course, greed already has so much, or is so ultra-involved in the ‘getting’, that none of whatever it is that it’s grabbing for means much of anything after a short time:

Not properties…really…after so many comes, so what…

Not props, really…toys and bling don’t much mean shit anyway…

Not pets, not collectibles, really…only if they’re ours and/or rare…

Not people, 

Really, not people

The greedy don’t need to tell us how they feel about people.

We can see for ourselves how the greedy behave. Entitled by capitalism, they’ll claim. Protected under the Constitution, they clamor and hire fortunes worth of attorneys to help them subvert. 

We watch as they treat other people as if they were their property, or that others were mere props or extras in their drama of a life of grabbing, or that pets, projects or animals, are for comfort use or easy targets for blame.

Too honest? Too blunt? 

Do we honestly expect greed to self-regulate? 

Or do we have to ask for us to outgrow it? 

What’s it feel like to you?

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