As you may have guessed, 

I have been asked about being humble. Honestly (and humbly?), I do not understand the question.

Humble is simply our genuine acceptance of one another as equals.

I can, perhaps, point you towards an experience experiment that might help:

Just for five seconds, close your eyes.

Now open them. Focus on the first thing you see. Zero in on whatever that is by asking yourself to tell yourself every single thing that you know about that thing you are now focusing in on . . . things like:

Color . . . shape . . . function . . . components . . . keep going deeper
telling yourself every little thing that you possibly think you know . . .

. . . and of course, you will inevitably run into those things that you do not . . . things like: where it was made, how old is it, where did it come from, can there be a chain of custody for everything (oops, sorta slipped that in there, didn’t I?) . . .

So, anyway, that was for just one thing, the first thing . . . now, do this same process for every other thing within your immediate view . . . YIKES!! Right?!

Here’s my precise realization: What I think I know for sure is really only vague, general, and fuzzy. What I don’t know, however, grows exponentially larger with each new question I ask.

That’s humbling.

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