True power does not need the use of sheer physical force to be pivotal.

That’s how we all can “sense” that when someone reverts to using physical force, they have no real power, only brutality. Using force is the ultimate weakness of character and spirit. 

We’ve gradually come to accept that there are many ways to wound and kill besides mere physicalities…(mere? Hah! ) 

And it’s when the heart and spirit have been so misshapen ed and ignored or ritualized into obedience under the threat of damnation, that bodies can be treated as disposable. In the name of all that is not especially holy or loving…

Some have transferred or shifted the violence of physical force into the cerebral realms of mental, mortal combat…we win arguments…we convince others with the force of our ‘ideas’, we do our very best, not to be our best self as a caring spirit, but to out-think whoever we’re dealing with…so we don’t get screwed somehow, because we’ve screwed over before, someone got the more, the most, the better than me, the better of me…

Out-thinking someone is impossible. That’s because no two people “think” (read: process their life consciously) the same ways. Similarly, perhaps, but not identically…so there can be no true basis for comparisons. It’s like comparing fingerprints to ‘judge’ which one is more like yours. When I think I’ve outthought the person I’m now sauntering away from, I’m simply fooling myself.

There was a quote that I’m just now going to refer you to consider, a quote that I’m not quoting, so don’t quote me quoting:

“A person can never outsmart their own ignorance.

It’s simply too clever at hiding itself behind half-truths.”

Or something like that.

I confess that the quote—non-quote is a truth for me. My thinking tries to pull the wool of doubt over my heart and spirit a lot.

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