Imagine a learning environment wherein everything,
literally anything,
that we saw, touched, tasted, felt, experienced, etc…
what have you,
you’re imagining this…

so keep imagining
so that on any level at any moment
you could dive as deeply into
an object, a moment, an intangible, like on
an emotion
a thought
a blended combination of both,
in fluid and swirling interactive energies,
that tap into both streams of energy(s) simultaneously
merging them into a single moment of selection known as
a choice – not binary – but a moment of choice,
that prior to that moment of selection,
every option I could “think” of 
and or had any “feelings” about
were all still available for me…
and I chose one.
That’s it.


Every cloud of possible choices before….
everything that I “think” & “feel” could possibly happen
or be true or be what I want, like, or don’t like,
& yeah, ok, but what about now what I’ve tried or haven’t…

I throw it to the cloud of my
known possibilities,
it’s a big enough cloud that 
clouds of possibilities block out the light…

& I am now in the fog of 
all that’s possible.

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