In the beginning was the word
and the word was intended to be helpful and sharing our all
around caring for one another.

Language was developed to invite us, connect us
and be an additional new realm for us to experience our
individualized togetherness

That’s when it, the word,
that’s what it, the word,
that’s how it, the word
was created by us, for us and
between us

It can only unite — connect —
to our goodness when we are
genuinely being honest about
what we are experiencing.

It’s good to share. It’s a form of loving.

The word, our belief in what we intended it for,
is  what gives language its power.

Words are words — by themselves.
Feelings are feelings — by themselves.

Put some belief into them, any of them,
and we can have a sense of their power.

The Word divides us when it is used intentionally
to mislead, misdirect, omit, exaggerate,
deny outright, that which we — the speaker —
know to be true.

That’s why lying
is a big deal.

Mistakes happen.

Lying is a choice.

So is the truth.

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