I was recently given/took/had a lie detector test, the answer(s) are going to be on this page in a moment, I just wanted to assure you that they (it) has been verified as true, right?  You’d believe a lie detector’s results, right?

No, wait…haven’t we heard something about that?…


I was recently put under oath, in a courtroom sworn, and the testimony I gave there is on this page in a moment, I just wanted to assure you…you know…It’s gotta be true, right? you’d believe someone’s sworn testimony under oath, right?

Naw, wait, we’ve all been watching a bunch of people tell a whole lotta stuff that wasn’t really true…under the oath of their office which serves us…as we watch them serve themselves…

So, which one, the detector or the oath guarantees the truth?


Only the speaker of the words can guarantee their truth. 

That’s what gives words their impact

We (you and me) both feel better, if the words we use are as true to us and honest as we are trying to be about us

We, (you and me) both feel worse, if they’re are at odds with our true self and less than honest…

Only we know and only we choose

A lot of us more concerned with getting caught

What do you feel that indicates about our truthiness?

P.S.  We still have to ‘trust’ something else to help us see the truth. I trust love.

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