(It’s only Grimm for Putin.)

This specific piece-post is for entertainment purposes only (much like all Fox and state-run media are), if anything you read terrifies you… that’s on you… the shoe you slipped into probably just fit…
(NDA: all and every liability, just like yours–foxy with no friends, Murdoch in a loch mess, trump dumped, redumped ‘n humped back to bedmister–while all is denied.)

When dictating current figureheads are so glaringly figuring out how to be enacting, coordinating, and implementing their favorite fairy tail (intentional?) fantasies of what belongs to whom and who belongs where and when…

Well, let’s play out Putin’s delusion, which I have found striking similes with an American favorite (sorry for the cultural appropriation… so US of me), which I playfully entitled:                  

Goldislocked and his 3 bearz.

(Spoiler alert: Putin’s all three bears really, at any given moment. You knew 2.)

Putin is:
the smother me, mother me, Rushin all over me  Momma Bear
the hear me, fear me, or I’ll maul you off a balcony Pappa Bear
AND the babbling, sniffling, flattering, whining, slashing wildly Baby Bear.

In the bearz state of minding everyone else’s buszness’es Wagnering around the lower darker side of the globe, well, this bear, he’z puttin’ into other’s heads that the geographic land currently called Ukraine is really his house (I did mention the delusional part, Reich?) that the bearz has-have only “temporarily” vacated (an absentee dick still thinks he owns the place, isn’t that always the case?),

(mind you how mindlessly this seems),

in this bearz fantasy, that the Bearz has “allowed” a squatter (of all sorts, really) clumped and lumped into a dehumanized inconvenience… a prized Golidislockette to decapitate, (no, that didn’t work),
putin in plan b, s script flip, wherein the Ukrainian Golden Ones were-are
an errant delinquent headstrong child to bring under proper exploitation
(not so simple here either, grrrrrr grows within the bearz as well) …

Putin in scripto 3 oh oh ohs
wherein the poor, dazed, and bewildered, the dispirited and disorientated, you know…

Putin proves himself to be delusional if he believes that the
REAL, TRUE, DECENT, COURAGEOUS in the face of overwhelming odds
would or even could give one inch of their rights to a blow harder if you can like you.

That Vald… you smear of a dear in the headlights of what you fantacized…

You convinced yourself that there wouldn’t be enough of US
from all around this beautiful global community,
that there wouldn’t be enough goodness in the core of humane human beings banding together to say no to tryanny…

especially since plan C was believing depended upon their, enough of US and those amazing patriots of freedom, the Ukranians…
that they’re being or have been incapacitate by confusion, bluffs, persistent disinformation, other fakes and fluffs… (seems to be fogging and confusing you too, you’re changing costumes so fast)…

So, the bearz are in the doorway being met with a locked and determined resistance… and feels offended… after all, he’s, I mean, they are simply coming officially ‘home,’ Reich? That’s the story he’s selling on state media, while the bodies pile up of his dedicated fairy tale soldiers bleeding real blood…

Meanwhile, for years now Goldi has been hearing all this noise about her being too this or too that (mind you, the complaints were two way, that’s true in all relationships). Anyways, the point is, Goldi knew theses dazes and schemes were coming and is buying none of what is being peddled… it’s all trash talk and we’d all heard it before (the internet has global ears, too).

So… while appearing to engage in earnest (mimicking the Bearz insincerity at negotiations as well, in addition to mocking them-him by using them effectively), Goldi hoped for the best and prepared for the reality of the bear always being the bear, especially after 20 years of watching this teddy puff of a flub bub ruin his home thing…

AND still,
All that the Bear(Z) seem to be able to focus on is asking itself over and over…
“When we (Vald, and companions only) bear roll all in there… who’s gonna wanna eat what first?”

Meanwhile, well, once the global community at larger all realized that the Ukrainians were ready to go it alone if they had to, and that they had been correct in sounding the reality check for all freedom loving peoples, knowing as they did that Putin had a delusional fantasy.

So, this is the real moment of our generation, again. Freedom is our right to claim and also our responsibility to defend.

I am all in for US.

I will and do stand will Liberty and Justice for All Equally under our laws, fairly written and equally upheld.

Til death do US part.

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