You all know how I really try to steer away from rumors…

This is not one of my more successful attempts…

Forgiveness, anyone?

So, here’s what I heard:

When Jesus (yes, I used the name…it helps with the story)

When that historical montage of a personage traditionally referred to as Jesus… (our mythological compilation of longings for forgiveness and fulfillment…”oh, Jesus!” some will exclaim and apologize–to which I reply, exactly)

Ok…sooo…if you’re still with me…I’m still posting this rumor as I heard it:

When JC gets to heaven the second time, the timeless old one greeted him warmly with, 

“You did OK. Nice job.”

JC supposedly pulled back and nearly shouted, “OK??!! Are you kidding me??!! Just OK??!!”   (Jesus does a mean John McEnroe impersonation, btw)

“hey hey, slow down…you just got back…take a second look…you yourself admitted that you knew you’d done OK…”

“Yeah, how’s that?”, jesus sorta taunted.

“Well, you did just commend your spirit, right…and not recommend it?”

JC’s still chuckling about that…rumor has it…

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