Question: Do you know how you can tell if you are still approaching your life as if everything in it were a test?

Answer: You find yourself running around comparing your answers to everyone else’s . . . to see if you got yours right.

     I would suggest that we’ve grown weary of (or perhaps outgrown?) that approach towards self-discovery (seek approval, avoid causing concern) . . .        after a while, we found that it was a pretty unreliable approach to our authentic self.

     So, here’s the curious thing; 

Some of us have been considering and exploring the possibility that life itself, while somewhat limiting in limitless spacetime, 

well . . . dare I say it?

. . . that life itself can be downright enjoyable . . . in the quietest of ways . . . and in the simplest of moments . . .

. . . that even at its rawest, life can be expansive and inclusive and filled with all manner of unusual kindnesses . . .
. . . and cruelties . . .

. . . and still, perhaps, that life is not nearly as restrictive or as punitive as we had been led to believe . . .

Feeling better doesn’t make anyone more worthy of feeling better. They do, however and indeed, feel better.

That’s not superior . . . that’s happier

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