There’s no surprise that as and when we seek to be true to ourselves, 
not our imagined self “image” (image-in that? Oh, language, you dirty dawg),
not what we thought or were taught we
should, could, or would be 
if only “lived up to” our potential (no pressure there, right? little one).

So, none of that type-kind-sort of true, to any or all of those…
And that’s where we can get stuck

If I’m not trying to “live up to” (fill in the blank)
then what’s left?


And that realization recognition thought, because of what I’ve been told and taught,
terrifies me.

I’ve been taught I’m broken of spirit
and dirtied by the body physical
and too stupid to get much
right for very long, if ever.
I’ve been told I am born from sin.

These are all false.
We are born from love.
Just look at a newborn’s utter trust.

That’s Love.

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