Did you realize that even the intention, the simple trying to be of help humbly, is or can be, its own ego snag—trap—invitation to tango tangle?

Ego challenges all. Ego need proof. On ego’s terms. (the woke ego adds, ‘please, if you don’t mind’) while still it sprays its contempt to no one and everything:

“How dare you (me?) presume to know what would or could be helpful?…to whom? And when exactly? And to what degree? A little? A lot? With which word, or phrase or example or metaphor exactly?…and how was that helpful again?”

That’s the ego’s invitation to either rise up to justify and defend my-self (id-self?) by inflating—bowing up and knocking over other concerns—or—

to shut down and start acting real, which means speckish small. 

There are infinite variations and modulations between those impulses, very few of which rise to the level of my conscious awareness. I can feel or sense a lot of them and I have no clue as to what they are, how to access them, and what might happen if I can or do.

I suspect I was never alone in feeling these ways.

That’s actually an aspect of the tender, vulnerability of our humanity that we love.

Our not knowing. 

Our inability to understand everything represents the limits of our thinking. Full stop. 

And not the limits of everything or anything else. Unless I think it is.

These non-thinking realms, which we feel and live with all the time, well, many of us have been instructed to be afraid of them, to leave them alone, to not play with them, to be uber cautious with whom you attempt to share them with and shut down the instant you sense push back/ feedback/ another’s perspective…

We were expressly instructed at every step of our development (and who were we to disagree?)(especially when the newly forming ego sense of self agrees), we were told that outsiders were, are, and always will be out to try to change you somehow or to control you in ways you don’t understand. So don’t trust “them”.

This is all understandable and not any one person’s fault.

Nor is our humanity itself to blame.

The simplest truth is, right now—today—love is trying to open you up, 

to let or help you out, you—the stuck, angry, unhappy, scared you out…not to force its way in. to let us all out to be cleansed and embraced and healed.

The time for love has arrived.

Or we will all go down together.

There is no real door number three.

(Oh, didn’t mean to scare you—There’s no real door number two either)

It’s all love. Not all of us have recognized that yet. 

We’re getting there. Sooner than you think.

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