It’s really hard to communicate the soft skills used in effective communication.

Of course it would be.

Currently, the trend is to want to beat one another into submission with the hard facts, that we cherry-pick and twist into a loose truth, to slip over the opposition’s head in an old-fashioned ‘hoodwinked’ kind of way. More accurately, we keep reaching over one another as we try to change the lenses through which we are currently viewing our present circumstances. There’s a lot of jostling and shoving.

Seems like most shouters are shouting that everyone else needs to view the whole world—the whole world mind you—through their lens, from their point of view . . . before they will even consider anyone else’s. Well, OK, I suppose. But here’s the catch. These seem to be the same folks who are convinced that if someone doesn’t agree with them, then they feel disrespected. Or discounted. Or marginalized. Or overlooked.

I know . . . and they’re serious about this . . .

So, it’s become:                      Agree with me or else. 

With some folks.

I find this undemocratic.

It doesn’t strike me as striving for unity, equality, and compassion.

As such, I find it utterly un-American.

I’m not blaming the mistaken for being mistaken.

I simply cannot fail to point out the fundamental mistake that’s being made.

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