We tend to take any statement that begins with the phrase, “I have reason to believe . . .”
to be a statement of a truth, whereas our experience tells us it must be false . . .

simply because no one has ever been able to reason their way . . .
to faith . . . to trust . . . to love . . .


Reason will never explain any of that.

I cannot gain access to these realms through reason. Can you?

Be honest—as best you can—can you explain how love moves you?

So, let’s rephrase the opening line to perhaps ‘see’ if the rephrase makes it ‘feel more truey’:

                                      “I believe I have a reason.”

It makes sense . . . my reason gives me something my reason can believe in. Itself.

That ‘feels’ more honest . . .                . . . a bit icky, but honest.

And (drum roll please) . . . because we now believe in our reason itself . . . whatever it tells us it is
. . . we act on it . . . we follow it . . . we put our faith in it . . .

. . . do you see where this all has led us?

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    Disclaimer: Poetic license is at work both here and in my books. Any errors or anomalies are through no fault of my editor. These were left deliberately at my expressed intention to clearly indicate that goodness does not require perfection.

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