Similar is not the same. Replication is not duplication. To sing in harmony is not to sing in unison, all of the time…only a diva would think that way…

As I typed that last observation/remark, a flurry of letters flew up at me from the keyboard’s alphabet…a swarm formed…

and I swatted not…(it felt stilted yet fitting to phrase it this way)

I could not discern if they were agitated, annoyed, or attacking, these alphabet soup of letters I’d stirred up. They were energized. What exactly about, I don’t yet know.

I care completely though.

And still, I don’t know. I am trying.

They all seem sure of something though and I do want to listen…so, here’s a suggestion…and I’m pretty sure/maybe…

that I’m sure we’re all going groan about

and say, each in our own way:    “We’ve tried that before, and it didn’t work.” 

And I’m going to express it anyways:

“Shouting our points of view is not an effective or loving way to try to attempt to get them across. Knocking someone over is not how we truly stand up for ourselves. If we’re swinging wildly, we can’t be shouting that we wished we could get closer…and be taken seriously. Right, Vlad?”(NO levity intended whatsoever. Good people, consider that we have a choice not to allow ourselves to be gaslit and hoodwinked even further down that path of wanton destruction called war. And still we stand against tyranny steadfastly together…those of us who actually believe in equality and freedom in fairness towards all) I don’t know…you choose

I say to those who express that they have tried already not to do any shouting, knocking, or wildly expressing even their deepest convictions (notice, some people still believe that we shout because we really mean it…no, we shout when we’re not sure and we’re scared. When we really mean something, we say it with a calm conviction that speaks all the volume the truth ever needs in order to be heard.) 

I say to those: Yep. You’re absolutely correct. Feel it. You are absolutely right. No argument here. Get it all out…all that vitriol, that pissed off-ness…it’s then I ask, 

Aren’t we worth another try? 100 more tries? 

The kind of trying that we would do and that we do do (snuck a dodo in there, ha) for someone or something we truly love? 

Well, ya’ll know how I feel. I’m all about the sincere try in the direction of genuine caring. That’s what I believe in. Words, well, they may or may not land or lend much help at all…but anyone who comes near me has the undeniable feeling that I deeply care…that I do not take myself too seriously but that I am in earnest, that I understand the difference between clowning around and being a clown…between asking too much and then, respecting you so little, that I never ask for your best…it’s a tricky business…this aware living stuff…I, well,…I’ll write this because it’s true:

waking up to ourselves and each other is as satisfying as anyone has ever tried to get you to believe.

If you’re not afraid of making a mistake and being laughed at…then we actually don’t mind laughing with someone about what we just said or did…as witnesses to the oops moment, if we could practice to wait, to refrain for at least a few compassionate moments before we point something out and then join the laughter as they see it for themselves and not argue if they don’t as yet…or even as they asked for help to work something through…which we lovingly offered and extended and they now take full credit for…

we can smile at that too. Oh the humanity…

Can you believe it?

Or, what do you believe? What do you really, really want to be in this world?…

spicey enough questions, for you? Or do you want more? (winkee winkee)

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