As suggested by the title, this is not a trick question. Not that I’m above being playful.

However, simply being human is tricky enough as it is . . .

And some of us can complicate buttering toast and boiling water without any help.

Mind you, help was never sincerely asked for. Help was pleaded for aplenty, but only to help them get what they wanted. Kinda backward, no?

Anyway . . .

Here’s the non-trick question:

     Please tell me just one situation or moment in your life wherein 1) you were not only expecting yourself to know everything that could possibly be known about that moment or situation instantaneously as you were actively going through it? And 2) . . .

Well, shit . . . honestly . . . if you could just answer that one, I wouldn’t have to ask you how you could possibly project into the future at the same time.

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