We broke away & declared that we intended to create a new way of structuring our form of governance. (By governance, read: the organization of the elements of a need for a fresh approach to power.) It was to be democratically decided & democratically shared. (Equal justice under the law… Right.) It was a bold vision for over 250 years, some of the best-hearted and well-informed citizens were actively engaged in politics with the intention to more and more bring that aspirational vision into operational reality.

One of the main tools to thwart the old world way of governing – i.e. might makes right or the golden rule perversion – he who has the gold makes the rules.

Well, 250-plus years is a short time in the scheme of countries – I’m sorry to have to break that news.

And it now appears that the experiment of America is on the brink of dissolving into factional violence & sectional division.

There are those among us who “believe” that if they create enough division and discord, they can game the system & seize the power of governance while the well-intended among us grapple with the chaos they’re intentionally creating. The recourse to law is too slow to effectively counter the immediacy of our social media.

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