I caught myself

    I was bared to the bone metaphorically (it didn’t hurt)

The whole moment I was in

    opened up completely . . . or was I opened completely to it . . . ?

and while I was in it—that opened flash of an instant—raw and naked,               (no, not bodily)

I happened to look up . . . there was no thought . . . . no plan involved

I happened to be putting on some clothes to go outdoors as I was looking up

I happened to be in a room with a full bathroom mirror in front of me

all of this happening in a moment . . .

and that’s when I caught the glimmerest of glimmers of 

                                                 my unguarded self

I was neither scary

                         Nor scared

I was surprised. Amused. Amusing actually . . . as I recalled how scared I once had been. And still could be, if I so choose.

In the unconsciousness of that moment, the letters unscrambled and re-aligned.

same letters . . . maybe you’ve seen this?

They now read :    sacred                                                 of course, I cried

This is our truth.

And, yes, the moment passed.

And, yes, the truth remains.

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