Let’s continue being honest together and acknowledge that none of us really have enough tick-tock clock time in a day to spend as much of it as we would like with everyone and everything we care about.

We all have the limits of our time and energies, and we made choices…we make decisions and plans…we prioritize and organize and do our best…and still honestly feel like it’s never ever going to be enough.

Feel familiar? Can you relate? And our philosophical approach has become resigned as indicated by the sighed unprofound: “It is what it is.”

Begs the question, don’t you think? The question is: What is this? What actually happened? Who did what? When did they say what they said? What happened after that? These are questions intended to ferret out the lies. The truth has been plain to see. The hocus pocus of waving and yelling and inflaming that has attempted to magically smoke and mirror the truth away has had many people ready to burn this place called America to the ground because they didn’t get their way.

2020 was the most scrutinized election ever BECAUSE, good people, Trumpeteers trumpeted their intentions to discredit the outcome (if it wasn’t in their favor) years before these particular 2020 votes were even cast. Roger Stone advocates that possession is 9/10ths of the law.

Possession is also another form of insanity. Obsessed and possessed by the craving for approval, power is sought to validate the calloused cruelty of not caring about anyone more than “what’s in it for me?”

If you vote for liars, and they get elected, who will you trust when they’re in office?

Honestly. This is the truth of our upcoming choice.

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