We take great care

          after we misspeak

to clean up our image as soon as possible.

We are persona maintenance experts (at least in our own minds . . . we are the PR firm of me) . . . and it’s a full-time job . . .

. . . ask anyone in that line of effort and they’ll tell you themselves, without much asking, how exhausting it is.

Image management is a b____ . . . heck of a gig.

So, I don’t know . . .

     For myself, when I misspeak (not if), I apologize. I acknowledge the full extent of my humanity in that moment as well as my sincere intention to continue learning along my way.


that has yet to diminish me . . . or . . .

the joy and wonder of what matters in my life, which is:

                                      the love poured on me along my way

and the love I’ve tried to pour forward . . .

                     so pourly

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