The America within US (series)

All of life evolves, develops, adapts, changes, and learns. Each of these variations, mutations, and innovations are unprecedented. Radical shifts from the way things were are always contained in the seedlings of the emergent possibilities incrementally explored. Whole new branches of life forms and their specific adaptations to their specific niche environment develop. That includes US.

In our global communities, interconnected electronically as we have become, information is being shared that has the power to unite US in better paradigms than the dog-eat-dog realm of endless competition. This approach doesn’t seem to be at all effective in building honest connections, trusted relationships, and a community that wants to thrive in diversity. There are other choices we can make. We each have to summon the courage to make that choice a genuine one and not simply hope someone else takes care of this for you… that’s the price of freedom.

The Gospel According to Litigus

Not all scramblers in life are scavengers. Not all followers are believers.

The brutal daily life of the first century meant Litigus became world-wise at a young age. He had a sense of sorts, a knack for knowing what to say and when to say it (or not say it at all). He was confident, sure of his decisions, and had a clear understanding of how people worked. But those practical wits also gave him a cynical point of view, a shrewd sense of survival, and a hesitation to trust.

Jesus found helping others to be satisfying. Most of the time. But trying to reorient his listeners’ ears away from the day-to-day sword swinging, backstabbing, and hypocritical half-lies made the helping become downright frustrating and exhausting. Add in frequent bouts of instructional fatigue thanks to his apostles, and he found himself looking to get away from it all. Be careful what you wish for—even non-believers believe in that—and he was about to discover how true that is. He’d heard it asked, whispered into his very own ear, “What’s the going price for salvation for you today?”

A chance encounter on a hill leads both men down their own path of self-discovery through theology, compassion, and camaraderie.

some Music in the Noise (series)

Artists of all types leave scraps behind, obscure pieces that haven’t quite found a place: bits of clay left in the pottery wheel pan, a hook of a melody, a fraction of a poem.

All art is a song for the soul, a seed placed.

This chapbook series is a way to spread those seeds and not let the music die within.

Each volume covers one of five topics: spirituality, current events, communication and misunderstandings, timeless truths, or humor.


Owning Ourselves

Do you sense there’s something more to life?

Do you feel you’re missing something? Do you feel trapped by circumstances? Can’t find a way out? Do you feel disconnected from your true self? Does life seem like a hollow farce or a shame-filled tragedy? Have you relied on thinking as the only proper response to the confusion of life, only to discover that thinking is its own trap?

In Owning Ourselves: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Western Mind, A. Charles describes the path many of us have taken, only to find ourselves cornered and asleep. He then offers an approach to awaken our minds to the possibilities of the world and to the possibilities inherent in all of us.

This book is for all of us who want to move forward with relief, awareness, authenticity and joy.

Noticings Along the Way

This book is a collage and a tapestry. In Noticings Along the Way, a.charles weaves a sense of wonder, a dash of intuition, and hints of humor as he gently takes the reader by the shoulders, turns them ever so slightly, and shakes. Very few will finish this book untouched by something,

something unexpected,

something needed,


What Readers Are Saying

Thank you so much for taking complex subjects and putting them into plain language. The suggestions for exposing and awakening our minds are down to earth and practical.

Without question one of the most compelling reads available regarding the human spirit.

There isn’t a paragraph left un-profound. A group of us read this together. It provoked many deep conversations that stayed with me for days and deepened over time.