The idea of impermanence is actually inconceivable to the infinite in us.

Being hindered by, or captured by, or limited (to an extent) by a physical form, our spirits spend a great deal of energy attempting to suppress to escape the form – the body – rather than exploring its fuller possibilities.

An aspect of being human is that we completely forget that we chose to be human in form. We are not here to compete, compare, or conquer. Winning doesn’t exist but for the briefest moment because the race is endless. To acknowledge this truth is not to say that those three Cs (compare, compete, conquer) weren’t worth trying out as a way to be human (personally & then as a species).

It is to admit, however, that those three Cs have not ever taken us (personally & and then as a species) to happiness, fulfillment, or love.

Yet, we follow the promptings of the three Cs in order to allay or mask our real issue: we’re terrified that being limited means being unloveable.

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