I am not brave. I simply will not cave.

So here goes:

Them that got the gold, make the rules.

The mission statement and MAGA motto and belief of the person who would be “in charge” … if only…
if only fantasy thinking and thumbs could take direction… and stop…

Yet, no has never meant no… thumbling speaking.
And then, again, he’d admit
he’d never met a no he couldn’t swipe Reigh on or riehteously claim as his own
don, mcT  (anonymous #1).

Here’s some of the truth: 
Raw power writes the Law unless there are checks and balances put in place.

OUR Constitution was a blueprint for such a delicate balance to be struck and maintained by honest and dedicated ENTRUSTED and DULY ELECTED SERVANTS of said WE the PEOPLE.
WHO’s Trumpeteering these reframes?
I (of fantastic memory, btw) DON’t recall, or DON’t know him, or DON’t believe them, be live streaming for ME, your victimless crime boss… even if orange suits me… soon enough…

WELL, if this describes any of the types (or the birds that flock with this feather-headed, wind blowing due south of an accounting of the dues now coming to yoo)… as I just wrote,

If this describes any of the Red-Tied Ones for you… that come 2024 will be your selection, one of the ones that you will put your sworn voter’s mark down for, in this democratically free-to-do whatever the feck heck you want to, trusting in the namesake of Trumpitalls,

Well… it’s Okay, of course…
you’re probably wearing a red hat and are already been fit to be hog-tied and swindled.

Raw power is a collective agreement amongst LIKE-MINDED LOYAL CITIZENS, not an individual’s possession.

Democracy, OUR DEMOCRACY, is vibrant wherever the people’s votes are FREELY and FAIRLY collected and counted, each and every single one, as an equal voice in the direction of the common welfare as entrusted to the integrity of elected officials.

[Let me pull you aside, counselors at large… arguers from all sides. If you have reasonable doubts as to which of our current elected officials have integrity… well… the word used to mean something along the lines of honoring your word with your actions, and (not or) honoring your oaths with your speeches to uphold, and (nope, not an ‘or’ choice here either) voting for the truth rather than closing your eyes (again and again and again…) and hoping they’re not really, really lying this time… cause you just ain’t gonna believe it, no how, no way til Sunday… I mean, someday…I mean, no way that day is coming… Reich?]

In the dawn of the 1930s, in a democracrazy Germanic conditional state that shall remain otherwise anonymous, the decently docile elected ‘officials’ reasonably presumed that the institutional guardrails would prevail against the brown shit (shirt… damn autocorrect) tide running amuck as they ruthlessly ‘convincing’ everyday shoppers to shop only browned merchandise… and to prominently display their ‘proof’ of ‘purity’ to the shitted (again, shirted… shr Ugg) brown-shirted shirt checkers. Tthey asked: R u really the Reich shade of brown, who nose?)

So, okay, boots on the ground and glass in the streets… (a la Charlottsville, Va, ooo la la, the cray cray came out to play) and videotaped it proudly… just like the black and white films from those early mustachioed daze, those TNT classics, on the History we tubed… horrified as we witnessed HUGE hategoerings being screamed at full spittle volume and hate sprayed spewords across mesmerized faces pledging total loyalty to mayhem and murder.

I watched those films many times. Paused… frame… after frame… on frame after frame and watched the different facial reactions… on a different face each time… and took notations… (I’m a seeker of the truth, remember that. Always.)

So, in my ‘noticings,’ my notes noted that many in those crowded halls…
well… many were not mesmerized at all.

Instant I saw it in their clenched jaws, their nervous rigidity of copycat ‘outdoism’ with their isle mate, their uneasy ‘go alongism’ to get outta here unmarked, unblemished, unsmeared… yikes… and this then, this was the collective tension in those reels which was then propagandized as genuine dedication for the cause. (J6 at the Capital is being spun the same way by our Red-Tied bunch of corrupt autocracratics…passionate patriots expressing their first amendment right to overthrow a duly elected government…that’s what a true patriot does right… takes up arms against those they disagree with…on policy?)

No… that… is… tyranny… plain and simple… doing what it does best and easiest…

Creating enough confusion to slip away with your freedoms…

Oh say can you see? By indictments yet to come, that his lying has just begun?

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