rather than chase

with the flames of FOMO forcing you forward . . . yep, you’re f’d as you do . . .

with such a pace

that your life becomes no more than a tongue merely licking the icing off the donuts of your experiences

wouldn’t it be nicer

to slow your roll—your whole roll, insides included—not just for a vacay but as a permanent stay that way . . . dialed back and tuning in better . . . and better still . . .

and even be a tad spicier

to savor, more than gobble, (and I’m not talking table manners) in appreciation with respect for the complexities of every experience . . .

Author’s Break . . .

substance and/or style?  How did they blend for you as you read this piece?

How’d you like the re-mix?

Seriously, grab a notepad and pencil or what have you, take five simple minutes and ask yourself:

What did you like? ___________________________________________

What didn’t you like?__________________________________________

Jot your unedited reactions down. No one else will know. But we’d both like to.

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