I’m beginning to detect a pattern. That may be my issue and, if it is, I’m sure I’ll be so informed.

Here’s the pattern:  It seems to me that the only types of people who want to be condemning other types of people…are also the types who tend to like to control things (like us?). Does anyone else sense the pattern?

Anyway, for brevity’s sake, what I’m pointing us to consider is:

      If there is no condemnation…(did anyone else feel a screech?) 

If so, let’s pause here and let me ask you to correct me if I misunderstood: I was told that all had been forgiven…like full stop…forgiven…like, let’s start over and really lean in towards being each other’s keepers and loving one another equally as we love ourselves…that sort of all inclusive forgiveness…blanket forgiveness…? Was that not what was written?

Let me start over…I just got pelted energetically…spooky action at a distance…

     If there is no condemnation, then there is no race against time to salvation

Apparently, we are all already here…completely Forgiven is Salvation, even as we judge the heck out of ourselves. (where all harsh judgments begin)

It appears as though those condemning types (pattern mentioned earlier) are not so much trying to scare the hell outta us, so much as they are trying to put the scare of hell into us.

That seems to feel like it could/might make a big difference in how we might/could re-consider our perspectives about what life on earth might be all about—how we ‘see/feel’ what might be a snag based upon the double standards and the hypocrisy(s)—however, it is a feeling, a sensing,…

and you do have to feel for it…a deeper wondering than usual…each of us asking ourselves…allowing ourselves to even ask the question and listen for our honest gut answer… 

         are we here just hoping to not get punished for having been human? 

What does your gut answer? (and not just what we think our gut might be saying…yet, the sequence usually is: we feel something deep in our gut…and we don’t think we should trust it…so we run it by our heads…and, well, you know what happens after that…)

The old term for learning about our gut feelings and practicing how to trust them without thinking is discernment. We develop our ability(s) to discern by paying closer attention to what our gut is telling us than to our speculator in charge, our thinkings. 

Discernment develops in the practice and process of listening to and following your deeper gut feelings…this experience will, time after time, teach you about yourself, will lead you into your genuine self, as a process, as you lean into your own honesty, as you follow your gut feelings…something emerges…

…interesting, new realizations or connections or ‘ah ha’ moments/feelings that merge into a recognition…unexpected stuffs, surprisingly unpredictable feelings and thoughts begin to move around and reassemble into new configurations…and there’s nothing gross, or horrible, or disgusting that we’re finding as we rummage around our deeper feelings…just a lot of outdated attitudes…and no longer useful approaches to my own feelings…and some misunderstandings that may not ever have been close to the truth of how I thought I was feeling…although I told myself that I believed it at the time…

…like how some of us still tell one another that the color of someone’s skin is an indicator of a person’s inherent equality and worth…before they have said or done a thing. If the old suggestion was: Judge not,… (you finish the line) then, how on this blue marble would it be possible for us to be anywhere close to loving or caring or allowing someone to ‘be themselves’…if we PRE-judge whole groups?? 

(along with anyone else that we choose to lump in that grouping for good measure)

Once we prejudge, we no longer are interacting with the actual person in front of us. We are interacting with what it is we have told ourselves (or been told) to believe about “them”…whomever that “them” may be.

If we are prejudiced against, it is bigotry.

If we are prejudiced towards, it is privilege.

If we would simply ask our gut, how does it feel when we’re treated this way?

We would either have to ignore our gut completely and feel awful, mean-spirited and afraid of retaliation (because that’s all we tell ourselves we deserve)

Or adjust our attitudes and behavior accordingly.

There’s no less equal anyone in the spirit of human love.

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