Let’s do old school…


     Dearest You,

     I suspect that our educational system is so outdated, cumbersome, and socially damaging that it has taken all of the fun out of learning . . . you know, that creative and playful and engaging activity we’ve all heard fables about?

     Well, I strongly (and I mean strong-strong) believe that by the time we get to a certain age or stage in our own self-awareness, we’re so disgusted with this so-called learning crap, that we simply say, “F it!” and off we stomp out into our life, never to be understood again.

     I, for one, understand that completely.

     I get it.

     As someone who cares, do you mind if I ask . . . do we have to stay with this old attitude . . . you know . . .
here . . . stuck kind of where we are . . . with how we feel about growth and development and learning as fun . . . ever . . . . . . or yet . . .

and not as demeaning nor insulting nor competitive nor comparing, as we emotionally remember it?

    I am wondering if you wouldn’t like to maybe grow together?  You know, steady like . . . not the random notions of the ‘get wise quick’ schemes . . .

     I know this might feel like a commitment or an obligation ask. It’s not. An open invite is viewed with a great deal of suspicion these days.

Relax. Take your time.

                                                I’ve been puzzled so long, what’s a few more decades?

                                                                                                     your friend in truth


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