Here’s another funny little something:

       Ever notice how we tell ourselves that we can’t understand

           how friggin hard it is for everyone else

        to understand what is so—so absolutely, incredibly, easily, and readily 

understandable to us…that basic point about what we are trying to explain…

what is so hard to see?

We’re stunned that they find our crystalline clarity cloudy and confusing.

I suspect that we’ve all developed designer comprehensions…

which is rather in keeping with our cliquey and cheeky self-image…

that ultra, uber-trendy, devastatingly fresh, and wowzy-nowzy(read: transient—temporary) person we claim we want to strive towards…

it feels cool, at least at firstly,

until it morphs into isolation and loneliness, 

and becomes the terrifying burden of planning, packaging, and monetizing spontaneity into anything that might be disguised into appearing to be genuine.

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